Diamond Merchant Solutions

Diamond Merchant Solutions

Brilliance Unlocked Smart Savings, Passive Revenue

Dana Diamond

Brilliance Unlocked Smart Savings, Passive Revenue

Let Diamond Merchant Solutions give you a free consultation to find where we can empower you to save thousands of dollars in processing fees, thereby allowing you to reallocate savings into areas that are needed most.

Creating passive income for our local businesses, based solely on their customers’ shopping experiences.


The ability to refer B2B and generate passive income.

Cash Discount Gal for Upper Cumberland

Saving merchants thousands of dollars in processing fees,. Currently saving Cookeville Merchants OVER $145,000.00 in 2024.

About Dana Diamond

Hi! I am Dana and I am a local merchant services consultant in the Upper Cumberland area. I have been in this industry for the last 4 years, I have seen the good the bad, and the ugly when it comes to  Merchant services. I have also had my share of taking some pretty big punches myself in this industry and have stories to share about. 

I have seen over the four years a lot of “shadiness” in this industry, and I have a true passion to turn around a shady industry by providing HONEST, integrity, and solid customer service from a  LOCAL rep, who genuinely cares about your business as my own.  As I see it, WE are partnering with you the merchant. Diamond Merchant Solutions not only provides merchants credit card processing, but we offer solutions for whatever need they present us with. DMS is the name that we are desiring to hear out of the community when the subject of WHO to trust for transparency and genuine care of what is in the BEST interest of the business owner. Also accessible to our merchants. We provide FREE equipment to all our merchants and offer THOUSANDS of savings on our Cash Discount pricing. Diamond Merchant Solutions is certified in certain POS software, and can therefore offer additional tech support.
Please contact me today so we can set up a meeting to get to know one another and I can get to know your business!

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